Vintage Restoration

Rochester Clutch and Brake is well-known as the place to go for specialty restoration projects. We have personal experience restoring high-end cars, specialty vehicles, and airplanes as well. Custom projects are no problem for us, in fact, it’s what we do best. When we work on a customer’s clutch or brakes, we will restore the aesthetics, too, including sandblasting or shot blasting and putting a factory finish or custom finish on it. Meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Here are a few examples of our specialty restoration projects we’ve done:

1938 Mercedes

A one-of-one German race car rumored to be driven by a top WWII SS officer was brought back to the US after the war. Found many years later in a barn, Rochester Clutch and Brake restored the brakes and clutch for it. It later sold to a private collector for several million dollars!

Peking to Paris

This vintage automobile race spans 14,994 kilometers between Peking, China (now Beijing) and Paris, France. Since the original race in 1907, this race accepts only the most elite vintage cars and drivers, and the entry fee is around $60,000. Rochester Clutch and Brake has restored brakes for several of these cars. The race is every 3 years, with the next race being in 2022. Sam Jr. is building a 1919 Lafrance Speedster to compete in the race.