Industrial Bonding

Industrial brake bonding is essentially the same as shoe bonding but for specialty and heavy-duty machinery. A brake adhesive is applied to the friction material and put under pressure in a special jig, and then heated in an oven for a fixed amount of time. The precise amount of pressure combined with the high temperature creates a vulcanizing bond, which is very strong and far superior to a cold bond (two part epoxy bond) or riveting.

Let Rochester Clutch & Brake do your industrial brake bonding for you. We have an 8x8x12 walk-in oven for big bonding jobs, and several smaller 3×3 ovens for smaller jobs. For over 93 years, we have worked on thousands of jobs and types of machines for every facet of the industry. Here are a few examples:


  • Overhead and hoist cranes
  • Elevator and Conveyor brakes
  • OEM production equipment
  • Mining industry
  • Press brakes
  • Railway
  • Wind turbines
  • Aerospace industry
  • Military
  • Agriculture