Clutch and Brake Services

Rochester Clutch and Brake is a full-service brake/clutch friction bonding and clutch unit rebuilding company. We supply and rebuild all types of friction needs for a variety of industries, from agricultural to industrial, vintage auto and aero restoration to sports racing, and more. Check out our full list of services below.

What We Offer:

Relining Brake Shoes and Pads


  • This is the process of putting lining materials, or friction materials, on the brake shoe or brake pad
  • There are countless friction materials available with different coefficients, but they generally fall into 3 categories: woven, molded, and semimetallic/iron/bronze.
  • We choose the brake lining material based on its coefficient ability, or its ability to hold at a certain pressure and temperature. There is a wide range of coefficient abilities available, and we carefully select the appropriate material based on each individual project.

Rebuilding Clutches

Clutch assemblies are rebuilt using parts that are either purchased vintage NOS (new old stock), purchased new from the original manufacturer, or when unavailable, fabricated by our professional team.

There are 4 basic parts included in a clutch unit rebuild:

  1. Pressure plate (also called clutch assembly or clutch cover) including springs, lever, and casting
  2. Clutch disc
  3. Throwout bearing
  4. Flywheel

Bonding of All Friction Material


    We start the bonding process with an inspection of the used part to make sure there are no cracks or damage. After that, the part is cleaned by degreasing with steel shot or media blasting. Then the friction material is ready to be bonded to the brake pad by coating it with a special phenolic thermal resin adhesive. There are many different types of friction materials used nowadays, including metal, ceramic, and Kevlar. We tailor each of our customers’ projects to their needs, taking pressure, temperature, application environment, and personal driving habits into account.


Rochester Clutch and Brake has the capability to fabricate brake and clutch parts as well. If a manufacturer no longer exists or no longer makes a certain part, we have the technology to make it by reverse engineering or if the old part is unavalible, by print. Send us the sample parts and we’ll draw them up and make the needed part.



    Rochester Clutch & Brake’s waterjet machine gives us the ability to create parts with precision and accuracy. Have an old, rusty or broken part? We can scan it, determine the dimensions, and use the waterjet to cut a new part. Missing a part? Send in the opposing parts and we can reverse engineer it.

Paper Friction Bonding

Paper friction bonding is just like it sounds, bonding with a thin type of friction material, from .020 to 1/16 of an inch and is often found in oil clutch and brake applications such as transmissions, steering clutches, and high torque and heavy-duty machinary applications. It can also be found in industrial applications as well, such as the automotive and agricultural industries. Paper friction bonding is usually oil-based to keep materials cool, but can also be used in certain dry applications. Several types of materials can be used, such as standard brake material, cork, or Kevlar, depending on the particular performance needs of the application.

Oil Friction Bonding


    Oil friction bonding is similar to paper friction bonding, yet thicknesses can range from 1/8 to 2 inches. This is any friction that is used in an oil environment. We specialize in this type of bonding as well.

Next-Day Emergency Services

Our normal turnaround time is a few days to 2 weeks, but in an emergency situation, we can offer next-day service, depending on workload and parts or material availability. We stock most friction material, but sometimes we have to special order from the manufacturer which can take time. Just call the shop and we will try and work within your timeframe.